About Us

Genetics Engage is an initiative set up by Sasha Henriques and Mavis Machirori after many hours and texts of shared angst and hopes for genetics and genomics knowledge and practices as a global health issue.

Sasha Henriques

Sasha is a Genetic Counsellor practicing in the UK. She is passionate about inclusive participation and culturally appropriate care. Sasha has 10 years experience of working in the National Health Service and has worked for a short time in South Africa. She champions and advocates for more cultural diversity in the genetic counselling workforce and race equality in the wider healthcare to create better services for all.

Mavis Machirori

Mavis is a health and social science researcher with a background in midwifery. She is interested in understanding and critiquing the societal impacts of genetics and genomics technologies and the role of diverse perspectives and practices in the field. Mavis researches genetics and genomics practices, research and engagement and thinks about how these can be tailored to communities, instead of creating further social and health inequalities.

Michelle Peter

Michelle is a social science researcher who spends time speaking to parents and healthcare professionals about their views on the acceptability and accessibility of the prenatal genetic and genomic tests that are offered via England’s National Health Service. She is committed to working on projects that aim to improve maternal health inequalities and is an advocate for inclusive research practices that allow the voices of underrepresented communities to be heard. Her dream is that equitable and culturally respective care will one day be the standard, not the exception.

Malebo Malope

Malebo is currently completing her PhD in Genetic Counselling at the University of Cape Town which explores termination of pregnancy decision-making for serious congenital abnormalities and the experiences of expectant parents and healthcare professionals. As the first Black genetic counsellor in South Africa, she is passionate about making genetic counselling accessible to all despite their background, creating awareness about genetic counselling and genetic conditions andĀ giving back to the community through community engagement. Through her social media, she is trying to bridging the gap between the community and genetics.