27 November 2020

The word on my mind this week is collaboration. This week was electric, I started it by giving  a talk on the role of cross cultural communication in healthcare to a group a of Paediatricians in the North West of England who have formed a group called ‘A dialogue on race’. The way we found each other demonstrates the power of collaboration and the strength of building networks inside and outside of your profession.

Early this year I started a project to look at supporting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic nurses who want to become genetic counsellors. It meant that I was exposed to professionals from the fire service, the police service, Manchester city council and health organisations across Greater Manchester. Meeting people with aligned aims who I could learn from and share with helped my confidence and my expertise grow. 11 months later I am embedded in networks in my NHS trust for Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff and in those for health equity in Manchester. This exposure is what led to the invitation to speak with a passionate, organised and motivated group of paediatricians on a chilly Monday evening over zoom.

I ended the week with a talk to genetic counsellors in the North West of England on institutional accountability. I can feel the fledgling spirit of transformation taking hold across my NHS trust, my profession and in healthcare. All because we have been open to working with each other sharing ideas and good practice.


You can learn more about A Dialogue on Race here: