Is there any evidence that Black people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer at later stages than others?

There is NHS data and charity data that confirms the poorer outcomes and later diagnosis of certain cancers in the Black population in the UK.

Information about the differences in experience, screening and diagnosis of cancer in Black people in the UK is publicly available from number of organisations. You can read more in the 2018 Race Equality Foundation briefing on ‘Cancer and Black and Minority Ethnic communities’ below:

There are good examples of efforts to address these inequalities. Increasing awareness and knowledge about risks and screening can empower people to ask for the health services they need. More culturally sensitive services and staff is also key in ensuring that people in the Black community can expect the same health outcomes of any other group in the UK.

If you need help and support you can also contact charities such as:

BME cancer communities (

Cancer Equality Care – (

Can survive UK (